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Our First Commercial

By dan | September 7, 2017

Since 2014, 914Digital has been helping businesses in New York City and Westchester grow their brand imprint on the web. But! We’ve just begun. Learn more about us in this quick video. Then, reach out. To see how we can help you.

Tech News

You can now talk to President Obama using Facebook Messenger

Obama be on Facebook, yo.

[Recode] | August 10, 2016

Tech News

How to Protect Privacy While Using Pokémon Go and Other Apps

Be careful while collecting those Pikachus.

[The New York Times] | July 13, 2016

Tech News


The new multi-tasking tater of the digital age.

[New Yorker] | July 7, 2016

Tech News

Facebook to Change News Feed to Focus on Friends and Family

Publishers just felt a knife in their back.

[The New York Times] | June 30, 2016

Tech News

Instagram Now Has Half a Billion Users

Holy duck lips, Batman!

[Bloomberg] | June 22, 2016

SEO & Marketing

5 Ways To Get Your Google Ranking Up

By dan | June 17, 2016

Like Fat Joe, we hear a lot from clients about wanting to get their Google search ranking…”All the Way Up.”

To the top.

To be the Don Juan of the Google game.

Well…Hmmmmm. (Are you sitting down?) We’re here to lay some truth on you: It takes brains, hard work, and plenty of practice. You didn’t think you’d be headlining in a week with some fake SEO outfit?

Did you?

Maybe you did. We’re here to put those weak spammers to rest.

Allow us to break it down: (more…)


New Site: Gigiliscious

By dan | June 15, 2016

I’ll be honest: I had no idea what a hair extension was before Gigi from Jerseyliscious came looking for a site to sell them. (Women have all these tricks. My only one is to make sure I’m wearing deodorant.) But, like anything unfamiliar, we were curious. What started as a place to sell her high-end hair eventually became a full shop of accessories and appointment booking. We used the hot pink and black as the main colors of the site to match her brand and product line. We also think it has a nice edge: Not falling into the trap of being overly girly. Gigi has a lot of sass. The site had to show that.