Yes. You Should Vote.
November 6, 2018

I guess I could come here and play objective. I don’t like the anger coming from both sides. But I find most of it coming from a certain New York native. (Andrew Cuomo, you’re not helping.) There are many Republicans that stand for great policies. This election, however, is a referendum on the president. I find the Democrats lost. I will vote for them, though. If they win, I hope the president reaches across the aisle.

And that…

…he figures out the world is bigger. That he can can be better. That we can be better. That America is not a place to fear. That there is still compromise. That all of us have a different story to tell. That those stories create a larger fabric. One that is unique. One that is a shining example of what we can accomplish when coming together. For all of our faults, we are still a pedatall to those who dream.

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