Morrell Insurance has been serving Westchester County for over 100 years with competitive rates and top notch customer service. However, any business that has been operational for over a century stands the risk of looking stodgy.

While Morrell’s site–at the time of our redesign–was modern looking, it didn’t yet have the ability to be responsive. We also felt it didn’t do a proper job of highlighting the firm’s history and best selling point: Personal relationships.

We wanted to make contacting a rep easy. But also new clients to find convenience in getting quotes on new and established products. We implemented different forms for each product page with a different set of initial questions. This allowed for more targeted search queries when employees are asked to initialize a quote for a certain product.

To increase the site’s SEO, we created landing pages according to keyword research and have steadily built their blog content. By creating more content, we have kept building their lead generation through informing potential clients on their professional knowledge of certain products.

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