Rid-It Exterminators were looking to do cross promotion for a new radio ad they were running on La Mega, 97.9 here in New York. After hearing the commercial, we wanted users to easily find info online if they needed to call or contact Rid-It for pest removal services.

For the website, we decided to go with a bold look of red and black, and cartoon images of the exterminator as terminator, which calls to mind the bug spray Raid. If you live in New York, or any large city, you know the awfulness of having to deal with roaches, mice, and, especially, the fear of bed bugs.

The site is built upon WordPress, but we decided to keep it a simple one page, using the navigation as a parallax scrolling interface. This allows all the info to be right there. In case the pests themselves are right there, staring users in the face!

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