The Slow Burn of Winter

Dealing with the harsh cold of the past week on the East Coast (Eeeeaz siiyiide, son!!), we’ve been digging into a lot of winter tunes lately. While we know it’s never a good idea to feed our melancholy and the infinite sads, it’s always comforting to slip into someone else’s dreary warmth. (Try sharing that on Instagram, punk!)

While pounding out the code in the lab, we tuned into the BBC’s Sean Rowley’s “The Joy Of Music” winter focused podcast. If you never heard Curtis Mayfield and the Impression’s “Long Long Winter,” prepare to be snowed in a bit longer. Just. Wow.

Contemporary country can often drip into a syrupy pool of melodramatic corn feed. But Kacey Musgraves’ “Slow Burn” is a dark winter anthem made for melting ice around existential hearts. It’s been on loop for a few minutes here at 914Digital world headquarters. Take a listen. Feel it’s defrosting charms. We’ve also included some of our other favorite cold weather jams.

January 25, 2019

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