Google, Amazon, & Social Media

Search and Targeted Advertising

  • Google Ads
  • Pay-per click
  • Banner Advertising
  • Amazon Advertising
  • Facebook Advertising

There have been many false claims about the death of advertising. Everyone hates intrusive ads that clutter their screens. But online advertising is still an effective way to reach customers. In fact, in 2018, digital ad spend is predicted to beat television advertising for the first time. Advertising on the web comes in many different formats.

One of the most popular still is Google Ads (formerly known as Google Ad Words).

Google Search Advertising

While creating ads based on search results remains the bread and butter of attracting clients, Google also offers display, shopping, video, and mobile ads. They target customers by tracking their search with cookies. So if you were searching for a new couch, you might begin to see ads pop up on other sites you browse for couches.

We can help you get running to help customers find you and keep your brand on users’ minds.

Amazon Advertising

Whether you sell physical products, digital downloads, or a service, like home improvement, Amazon has become the portal where people go to find what’s for sale. Amazon offers plenty of opportunities to put your brand in the conversation and amongst the competition.

Amazon Advertising

Although Google remains the leader in online advertising, Amazon’s ad platform is starting to catch them in terms of visibility. With Amazon, you can choose between sponsored ads, display ads, video ads, DSP, and the ability to build your own store page. Amazon also allows you to track your campaign’s effectiveness with their measurement tools.

Social Media Advertising

Facebook Ads

In terms of screen time, social media’s hold on eyeballs is unparalleled. With so much different content and streams of targeted interests, social media is a great way in putting your brand front and center. Whether you want to promote posts, create content around a campaign, or run display ads, we can help you put it all together, including company pages for each search channel.

Our Research. Your Results

Whether you decide to use one or all three platforms, with our research and creative team, we’ll put together an attention getting campaign that works for attracting new clients and your budget.